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     #shakeNbake… good things and good things will happen! We all have everyday struggles, some worse than others, but we all have problems. I always found that when I do something nice it makes me feel good and breaks whatever funk I’m in. 

     When I thought of this little experiment that’s become #shakeNbake, I thought of people like me. People whose day might be made a little brighter by someone being nice to them and hooking them up with some top notch genetics. Then those happy people are gonna wanna make other people feel that way. That’s always been the plan. Brighten each other’s day as best we can.

     When I get a message about someone being more positive or doing a good deed because #shakeNbake it makes my day and brings a light into my life! Each and every word help me forget about my struggles and stresses in life & I appreciate those words more than anyone could ever imagine! 

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